Geography – All Years

Geography work for Y11 – CRU and CCL class:

In the two lessons you have missed his week, we were going to be exploring the direct and indirect threats to both the tropical rainforest and the boreal forest (taiga). In light of this, you need to:

1) Read and highlight the text provided. These sheets are the required knowledge forΒ this part of the specification.

2) In the white exam practice workbook, complete all exam questions on the following pages: 82, 83, 87, 88.

L4 Threats to the tropical rainforest

L5 Threats to the taiga

Geography work for Y10

1) Make a start on your revision timetables as per the posted instructions. This week’s content is global atmospheric circulation and ocean currents, development definitions and development indicators.

2) Recommendation. Watch episode 3 of New York: America’s Busiest City on iPlayer. Some fascinating insights into city development, housing supply and demand issues and the challenges of gentrification that we have been studying in recent months: New York – Americas Busiest City

Geography work for Y7-9

Continue to self-quiz on this week’s knowledge organiser. Quizzes will take place next week instead.