Welcome to the David Nieper Academy

We believe that all young people deserve an education that helps them to reach their full potential. We encourage our students to be ambitious and support them in making their goals a reality. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing our students be safe, happy and successful. Our aim is that each and every student leaving our academy will confidently take their next step into the wider world, equipped with essential life skills and an understanding of how school learning is applied in real life.

As the first school in Derbyshire to be sponsored by a private local company, our students benefit from the strategic involvement of our sponsor David Nieper Ltd. David Nieper is a family business, an internationally renowned brand and one of Alfreton’s largest and longest standing employers.

Additionally, the academy is supported by the wider business community and has excellent relationships with a number of other local employer partners. Each of these businesses is dedicated to developing the learning and skills of young people in Alfreton and help us deliver a career enriched curriculum and the ability to embed genuine business examples into our lessons.

Above all else, we focus at all times on keeping children safe and supporting their achievements; allowing them to become happy, curious and self-reflective members of our academy, and the local community. We believe that the winning combination of first-class facilities, academic and pastoral support from our staff and a unique and privileged connection with local employers, will inspire our students to look beyond the academy gates to college, university, apprenticeships and an exciting future.

To discover more about David Nieper Academy, request a prospectus or call us on 01773 832331 to arrange a visit. We look forward to welcoming you.

Mr Richard White, Head of School