Academy Ethos and Values

David Nieper Academy – Vision, Aims, Ethos and Values

Aspire – Endeavour – Succeed

Proud to be part of Christopher Nieper Education Trust

Our mission as part of Christopher Nieper Education Trust is:

‘to develop the leaders and achievers of the future’ by bringing the workplace into the classroom and offering a curriculum that celebrates both the academic and the vocational’


At David Nieper Academy our objective is for all pupils in the Academy to raise their aspirations and achieve the highest academic standards. We aim to give pupils the winning combination of a good education, excellent pastoral care and the life skills for future employability. All our teaching and support team are united in their focus on excellence and will challenge all pupils to achieve their best; be that in lessons, over mealtimes or whilst enjoying co-curricular activities and this is most successful when all staff, parents and pupils understand their responsibilities and work together towards achieving this aim.

Academic and Employer Engagement

We ensure that all pupils develop detailed and diverse knowledge of careers and the world of work: a vast array of opportunities for pupils to apply their learning is embedded within our curriculum through strong links with employer partners, further and higher education providers, and community links. Through these unique experiences, it is our goal that all pupils develop a range of personal attributes required in order to be successful in the workplace and become well-rounded citizens. In other words, we strive to develop pupils’ employability.

Curriculum and Teaching & Learning

The Academy is flexible and responsive to changing circumstances and opportunities.

A dynamic curriculum underpinned by a distinctive learning and teaching approach is designed around the learner so that they become:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning and achieving and make discernible progress;
  • Confident individuals able to live a safe, healthy and fulfilling life;
  • Responsible citizens making a positive contribution to society;
  • Sought-after employees, self-motivated, demonstrating a perpetually positive attitude, technically confident, able to work as part of a team and always effective problem solvers.

A broad and balanced curriculum challenges our young people so that they can achieve and respond effectively to an ever more rapidly changing world. The Academy offers enhanced access to sustainable job opportunities in the region’s businesses, as well as access to appropriate academic programmes of study.

The curriculum has been developed as a vehicle to enhance employability and personal skills, combined with technical and academic competencies. A key feature of the curriculum is the application of knowledge, enhanced understanding and skills development through project-based challenges rooted in real-world contexts developed with a range of local and regional employers.

This approach avoids students having to ask “why are we learning this?”

Pastoral Care and Support 

Children cannot thrive and learn if they are not supported, cared for, and encouraged. Our extensive Pastoral, Early Help and Learning Support provisions will ensure that all pupils are provided with consistent, timely and caring support and intervention. We work in partnership with pupils, parents/ carers, and external agencies to provide prompt, appropriate and ongoing support. Our aim is to allow all pupils to be able to participate and enjoy the full range of opportunities at the academy and in the local area.

High levels of attainment and achievement will be assured through:

  • Professional leadership and governance by top educators and leading businesses;
  • An unrelenting focus on Safeguarding and Pastoral care and support;
  • An inclusive curriculum that meets the progression needs of the pupils;
  • Personalised learning pathways;
  • Commitment to the highest standards of endeavour, engagement and behaviour;
  • A strong career and work related learning programme;
  • Continual opportunities to engage in educational trips, visits and experiences;
  • Industry standard IT for learning, teaching, administration and parental engagement;
  • High quality continual professional development of all staff;
  • Close collaboration with parents/ carers;
  • Close collaboration with educational, business and community partners;
  • A strong digital environment;
  • A ‘can do’ and rewards culture;