Academy Mission Statement

Developing Leaders & Achievers of the future

Aspire – Endeavour – Succeed

David Nieper Academy: A compelling vision for a new dawn

Our Mission

To develop the leaders and achievers of the future by bringing the workplace into the classroom and offering a curriculum that celebrates both the academic and the vocational.


The David Nieper Academy is born to deliver a transformational education for the young people of Alfreton aged between 11 and 18. The highest academic standards will be accompanied by support for staff personal development – with a focus on maintaining excellence – challenging students to reach their full potential.

Our objective is for all children in the academy to raise their aspirations. We aim to give students the winning combination of a good education and the life skills for future employability.

Academic and Employer Engagement

Strong links with Further and Higher Education and strong employer relationships will lead to student engagement with professional cultures and a work ethos. Every student will get the chance to sample exciting opportunities in a diverse range of careers.

The embedding of the Academy within the economic infrastructure of an entire community offers an inclusive, outward-facing approach to study. Through close employer and community partnerships, students will be encouraged to connect their learning to a range of real-world contexts including the world of work.

What is success? What is excellence?

Academy leadership will develop new ways of doing things, will innovate and, as necessary, transform the learning power of the Academy’s students. It will be flexible and responsible to changing circumstances and opportunities.

A dynamic curriculum underpinned by a radical learning and teaching approach, will be designed around the learner so that they become:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning and achieving and make discernible progress;
  • Confident individuals able to live a safe, healthy and fulfilling life;
  • Responsible citizens making a positive contribution to society;
  • Sought-after employees, self-motivated, demonstrating a perpetually positive attitude, technically confident, able to work as part of a team and always effective problem solvers.

The curriculum

A curriculum designed following extensive consultation with Higher and Further Education partners and local, as well as brand leaders, employers will challenge our young people so that they are able to achieve their full potential and respond effectively to an ever more rapidly changing world. The Academy will thereby offer enhanced access to sustainable job opportunities in the region’s businesses, as well as access to suitable academic programmes of study.

Positive pathways for progression provided by this approach will significantly raise the aspirations of students and their parents or carers. The Academy will succeed if it makes a real difference to the lives of Alfreton’s young people and provides a growth in the aspirations of their families and of their communities.

High levels of attainment and achievement will be assured through:

  • Professional leadership and governance by top educators and leading businesses;
  • A curriculum that meets the progression needs of the students;
  • Personalised learning pathways;
  • A ‘can do’ and rewards culture
  • Commitment to the highest standards of endeavour, engagement and behaviour;
  • Industry standard IT for learning, teaching, administration and parental engagement;
  • A blend of teaching, training and specialist support staff to meet the demands of a work-focused curriculum and associated pedagogy;
  • High quality professional development of all staff to include associate staff from industry and other fields;
  • Close collaboration with educational and business partners;
  • A strong digital environment.

How learning will be organised

The curriculum will be developed as a vehicle to enhance employability and personal skills, combined with technical and academic competencies. A key feature of the curriculum will be the application of knowledge, enhanced understanding and skills development through project-based challenges rooted in real-world contexts developed with a range of local and regional employers.

This approach avoids students having to ask “why are we learning this?”