Curriculum Subject Allocations

2019/2020 Academic Year
Although we are a small school we are proud of the curriculum we offer our students. Students in Year 9 begin to study options subjects as part of their preparation for their GCSE courses which begin in Year 10. Students are free to change options in Year 9 if they wish.

In addition to the sessions shown below we also run our enterprise week where students work with our employer partners on developing employ-ability skills and other high-quality activities.

2020/2021 Academic Year
Year 8 will now no longer pick options in Year 8 to begin studying in Year 9. Students will continue to study all subjects and will pick options when they are in Year 9 to start in Year 10. Curriculum allocations will be updated at the start of the next academic year on this page to show how many lessons students will have in each subject.