David Nieper Academy’s Careers Fair 2023

Wednesday 15th March, 2023

Tuesday 31 January 2023

David Nieper Academy proudly held their sixth annual careers fair, which was open to all year groups at the academy.

The students were able to talk with a wide variety of employers and education training providers to discuss future possibilities and career plans. There were 30 exhibitors including a range of universities, colleges, employers and alumni for the students and parents to visit.

Students thought and asked many relevant questions to find out lots of valuable information about a variety of careers and courses from which, David Nieper Academy received a lot of very positive feedback from the exhibitors about the conversations that had taken place.

Students had the chance to win golden tickets and a total of 89 tickets were given out. They were later handed in to be entered into a prize draw, which took place on Tuesday 7th February. The three overall winners – Kaitlyn Bentley-Richards (Year 9), Erin Smithhurst (Year 10) and Cameron Hayward (Year 11) received a £20 Amazon voucher, and for all other students who received Golden Tickets, chocolate was given out.

David Nieper Academy said students provided constructive feedback about the types of industries that they would like to see next year, and they will be working hard to make the next event even bigger.

“We would like to thank all the exhibitors for attending and making it an excellent day for our students. We really appreciate the time and efforts of these employers to support our students and academy”

Mrs Fawcett