Early Help

David Nieper Academy’s Early Help Offer

At David Nieper Academy our Early Help Offer is managed by our Family Support Manager- Mrs Mann. Mrs Mann works very closely with our Pastoral Support Managers. At different stages some of our families require extra support around family life. This can include support within school, but also outside of school. If a carer/parent feels they are in need of further support they can discuss this with any member of our Pastoral staff. They will then discuss a referral to the Family Support Team.

What is Early Help?

Early Help means providing help for children, young people and families as soon as problems start to emerge or where it is likely that issues will impact negatively on children’s outcomes.

Why is Early Help important?

On occasions we all go through situations which are difficult to cope with. We are sometimes aware of families that are, or have been, struggling, or even in danger. At these times, we need help and advice but finding the right source of support can be difficult. The Academy’s Early Help procedure provides a framework for how the Academy provide Early Help Support.

Our pastoral team provide advice, support and signposting to other agencies with services that can help. Providing timely support is vital. Addressing a child’s or family’s needs early on can reduce risk factors and increase protective factors in a child’s life. Protective factors can reduce risk to a child’s well-being.

The Department for Education state that, ‘It is more effective to provide early help when problems first arise than to intervene later’.

The reasons for Early Help being needed can vary and the list is not finite. However, reasons could include; support for emotional well-being, behavioural support, issues in school and at home. If a family feel they require support then they can contact a member of the pastoral team to discuss their needs.

If required a referral can be made to our Family Support Manager for further support. If the Family Support Manager feels the family require more intensive support then they assess the family’s needs through an Early Help Assessment.

What is an Early Help Assessment?

The Early Help Assessment (EHA) is the local assessment that is used by all agencies working with children and their families in Derby and Derbyshire to agree what extra help may be needed to support a child or young person at an early stage.

The Early Help Assessment will help practitioners work with the family to:

  • clarify the child and their family’s needs and strengths; and
  • coordinate the help and services that are needed.

Using an Early Help Assessment can make sure that decisions are made at the earliest opportunity to improve the situation for the child and their family.

If anyone has any questions regarding Early Help Assessments then please contact our Family Support Manager, Mrs Mann (amann@davidnieper.academy)

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Early Help Assessment
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