At David Nieper Academy, English is a successful and enjoyable subject, developing  students’ reading, writing and spoken language skills at Key Stage 3 and securing these skills at Key Stage 4 and 5.

The English Department staff consist of five, motivated and enthusiastic English teachers, determined to ensure positive outcomes for all of our learners.

English is a core subject, but also acts as a gateway to other subjects, by developing and enhancing literacy skills that can be transferred to other areas of the curriculum. Ensuring that our students are appropriately supported and challenged  is paramount, with high standards and expectations set consistently for both students and staff. Students will enjoy studying a rich literary heritage, with both ‘classic texts’ and ‘modern texts’ to stimulate their love of English across all key stages, whilst developing their written and verbal communication skills.

We firmly believe that every student can succeed in English, regardless of their starting points, background or ability.

Curriculum intent for each year group

English curriculum – Year 7

English curriculum – Year 8

English curriculum – Year 9

For more information on the curriculum the academy is following, please email info@davidnieper.academy