Mini Olympics Challenge

Thursday 24th June, 2021

Students at David Nieper Academy have taken part in a project to design a bid to host a Mini Olympics event in their hometown of Alfreton.

The project is part of the Academy’s employer challenge programme, whereby students are tasked with working in teams to apply their classroom learning to real life situations that arise in the world of work.

Alfreton Leisure Centre, Places for People is one of the Academy’s employer partners and has extended the use of their facilities and sporting expertise to developing the town’s young people.

The Challenge

Inspired by a tour of the fantastic facilities at Alfreton Leisure Centre, the Year 7 students were asked to use their mathematics skills and creativity to present a winning bid to a panel of judges.

The project was designed by Ms Victoria Fritche, from the Academy’s Mathematics Department; who challenged the students to apply their skills to mathematical scenarios that face an Olympic committee.

These included budgeting and logistical problem solving, working out profits from ticket sales, calculating calories burnt by athletes, working out the areas and perimeter of sports spaces and comparing historical Olympic data to current data.

The Winning Teams

The Mathlympians, who were awarded Bronze, the Mini Gymnastic Superstars, who were awarded Silver, and the Mathemactives managing to scoop the Gold medal.

Outstanding Performances from Individual Students:

  • Maycee-Lu Forbes – Outstanding presenting skills and constant enthusiasm towards the project
  • Lucy Cowlard – Resilience and working solidly throughout the project
  • Chelsea Dodd – Excellent leadership
  • Owen Starbuck – Working consistently and leading his peers throughout the project
  • Sophie Rowe – Presentation Skills
  • Freya Baldwin- Supporting her peers and being a fabulous project manager
  • Cody Caddick – Determination and a want to succeed
  • Ana Pana – Outstanding team and constant drive and motivation
  • Jasmine Ellis – Outstanding team and constant drive and motivation
  • Sophia Rowe – Outstanding team and constant drive and motivation

You can view more about the students’ excellent work on this project via The Spirit of Alfreton or In Your Area.