The David Nieper Education Trust believes people are its magic ingredient as it develops local skills and local talent. Its sponsorship of The David Nieper Academy is the first of its kind in Derbyshire and combines a good education with life skills for future employability.

Strong links with Further and Higher Education plus established employer relationships means every student at the David Nieper Academy will understand the wide range of exciting opportunities available to them aged 18+ and both the education and career paths open to them. As well as benefiting from applied learning in lessons, each student will get the chance to sample exciting opportunities in a diverse range of careers.

Careers Advice – All Y11 students undertake careers interviews (provided by Derbyshire County Council Careers Service) and every Y11 student will complete an interview of between 25-50 minutes in length, by Christmas of their Y11 studies. In addition to this all Y12/13 students also have a careers guidance and interview session at least once, and in many case twice or more, during their time in the David Nieper Academy sixth form.

In addition to this many of our Y8 students have access to our careers advice service in the run up to their options choices decisions at around Easter time.

Careers at David Nieper academy are simply not just a careers interview, but are taught lessons that form part of the PSHE curriculum, enrichment events such as Further and higher education establishments delivering talks and students going out on site visits, but also our World of Work week during the summer term, in which we call our wonderful employer partners, such as Bowmer and Kirkland, Denby Pottery, Owen Taylor. Our employer partners helped make the week enjoyable, informative and helped students to acquire future employability skills.

World of Work week 2018

Year 7

 Aims of the week:

  • To use personal skills that relate to the world of work
  • To develop group work skills
  • To design a new range of chocolate (brand/packaging)
  • To compete with other groups, launching a chocolate idea to a panel of adults (teachers and external guests from the David Nieper factory
  • To have fun and eat lots of chocolate!


Year 8 – 

Year 8 had a fun packed week of learning cookery, marketing and manufacturing skills. Along with our employer partner Owen Taylor, students created meals for their group, manufactured packaging for their products and designed their own company logo and identities. Y8 had a fabulous time and continue to speak about this event well after World of Work Week.


Year 9 –

Y9 were involved in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) week together with Bowmer Kirkland.  The students spent the first day of World of Work week visiting the ThinkTank exhibition in Birmingham where they were able to learn about the everyday applications of their Science lessons.  Following this, they then visited a variety of Bowmer Kirkland construction sites where they learnt about the variety and importance of different roles within the construction industry.  Pupils got to see how projects were managed and were able to experience a variety of stages in the construction of buildings such as student accommodation and penthouse apartments.  Their task for the rest of the week was to use what they had learnt to form a mini company which would build and market a Lighthouse Escape System and a Wind Turbine to power this.  Pupils had to present their work along with working models of their designs to the Regional Director of Bowmer Kirkland with prizes being awarded to the best teams.


Year 10 –

Their enterprise challenge was designed to allow students to meet a range of employers; consider a range of careers; and to develop a range of employability skills such as team work, confidence, problem solving, CV writing and interview skills.

Staff led sessions on CV writing, application form writing, Fast Tomato and interview/presentation skills. All students had previously written an application form for a hypothetical position as a part time retail assistant. These sessions were building up to a mock interview later in the week with an employer. The tasks allowed students to produce a high quality finished CV and application for their portfolio.

Thirty employers gave up their time to come to the academy to interview our students. During these interviews students were asked questions based; on their application forms and were able to put their CVs from the session to good use. From these interviews students received valuable feedback on their interview skills and advice for things to develop for the future. Many thanks to the staff of David Nieper Ltd, Owen Taylor Ltd, Denby Pottery Ltd, National Grid, Learning Unlimited, members of Alfreton Rotary, STEM ambassadors and Trustees of David Nieper Academy.

The employer challenge was led by staff from Owen Taylor Ltd and required our students to work in teams of six to design, create, cook and pitch a new burger (including packaging and poster as well as nutritional values). The winning team created the Brunch burger, with the accompanying slogan “munch on that brunch”. The Brunch burger went on to be manufactured by Owen Taylor and sold in their shop in Leabrooks. Many thanks to the staff of Owen Taylor Ltd who led these sessions and provided the ingredients for the burgers.


Denby Pottery Challenge Y8

Denby Pottery Challenge in association with the Humanities Faculty. This employer challenge saw students compete in teams to design, market and pitch a pottery set inspired by local history, drawing upon a vast array of applied skills from across the curriculum and beyond. The winning team was decided by judges from Denby Pottery and received a prize.



FAST TOMATO – All students from Y7 – 13 have access to the careers education package This is an incredibly valuable tool, as in enables

students to search and find career strands that best suit their wants and aims. Students complete a ‘my interests’ questionnaire and are then able to investigate a series of careers based around their responses. This includes information regarding opytion choices, potential courses and places to study, course requirements, salary, hours etc.

If your child doesn’t have a copy of their login in their planner please ask them to see Mrs Clarke, or alternatively email


If you have any questions or queries regarding Careers Education at David Nieper Academy please contact Mrs Clarke, who is responsible for Careers Education at

T: 01773 832331

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