Curriculum Information 2019-2020

David Nieper Academy is committed to providing all of its students with a broad and balanced education, thus giving them the best basis for choice and further study at the age of 16.

Key Stage 3

A broad and balanced key stage 3 curriculum is provided with a key focus on core subjects to ensure students make an effective transition into Secondary school life at David Nieper Academy. We emphasise the development of literacy and numeracy. We offer a comprehensive programme of study including Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Humanities, Computing, Design and Technology, Performing Arts, Music, PE, and RE. This provides all students with a solid foundation that prepares them for success when moving onto Key Stage 4.

Students follow the following subjects (number of lessons per fortnight are shown after the subject). All lessons are 50 minutes long.

Current Y7 and Y8

  • Maths – 9
  • English – 8
  • Science – 9
  • Art – 2
  • French – 5
  • Geography – 4
  • History – 4
  • Performing Arts (Dance and Drama) – 2
  • PE – 5
  • PSHE – 2
  • RE – 2
  • Technology (Food, Design Technology, Computing) – 4
  • Textiles – 2

Y8 study Computing instead of Textiles

Key Stage 4 (from 2020)

We are in the process of moving to a 3-year key stage 3 programme with our current year 8 picking options midway through in Y9 to start these courses in Y10.  Our rationale for doing this is explained below:

Students will study a broader range of subjects for longer meaning they possess skills in subjects like Computing which would otherwise not be taught to students if they didn’t pick this subject as an option. Some of these skills might be required in other subjects further up the school.

Most GCSE courses should be taught in 120 guided learning hours. Students starting options in Y10 have plenty of time to complete these courses in this time.

A significant number of children change courses in Y9 despite the work we do to get children to pick the right Options. By moving options to start in Y10 we hope to reduce this number further as students will have had three years of studying most subjects so will have a clearer idea of what they enjoy.

From 20/21 Y9 students will study enterprise as part of their curriculum offer. We hope this will give them a good grounding in terms of options and help them to pick the right subjects for the right reasons.

Key Stage 5

Please visit our Sixth Form page for more information about Key Stage 5 Curriculum.