We will shortly begin the Options process for Y9 students ahead of students beginning their courses in year 10. In years 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4) students at David Nieper Academy study a core curriculum that comprises of Maths, English Literature and Language, Science, non-GCSE PE and PSHE. Further to this, students will then choose their options from a range of subjects that are offered by the academy.

As your son/daughter approaches the mid-point in year 9, they will shortly be asked to select 3 additional subjects to those above. These subjects will then form part of their options, for which they will continue to study at GCSE (Level 2) for 2 years at David Nieper Academy.

Below is a timeline for the options process which started on Thursday 4th February with parents receiving electronic copies of their child’s latest report. Whilst we do not yet know when students will be able to return to the academy, we have planned the options process to run around any announcements from the government re the full reopening of schools.