The David Nieper Academy uniform has been designed to be smart and business-like yet cost-effective and practical.

Our new uniform provider is:

The Schoolwear Centre

T: 01623 650782

W: https://www.schoolwearsolutions.com/our-schools/david-nieper-academy/

Uniform Policy

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Dress Code: All students are expected to wear the correct uniform in school and on the journey to and from school. Any student who is not in the correct uniform must speak to their Form Tutor or Progress and Achievement Leader immediately.


Correct uniform includes:

Academy Blazer – The blazer must be worn at all times unless students are given permission to remove it by a member of staff.

School Trousers/Skirt – Trousers should be tailored and not tight fitted. Pleated knee length skirts can be worn. Both dark grey in colour.

White Shirt/Blouse – The top button must be fastened and the shirt/blouse must be tucked in at all times. Top shirt/blouse button must be fastened,

V-neck Jumper – An optional grey school jumper may be worn.

Academy Tie – The tie must be worn to and from school and while students are on site. The knot of the tie should cover the top button. 8 stripes down the length of the tie must be visible.

Shorts (Optional) – Grey tailored shorts may be worn in the hot weather.

Socks & Tights – Black or white plain socks. Black, grey or skin tone plain tights.

Outdoor Coat – Coats must be plain and not covered in patterns and logos. No training tops, tracksuit tops, cardigans, hoodies and sweatshirts are permitted.

Hats/scarfs/gloves – Caps are not permitted. Hats, scarfs and gloves can be worn outside but must be removed immediately on entry to the academy building.

Jewellery – Jewellery is not suitable for school, both on the grounds of security and health and safety. The only jewellery permitted is one small pair of stud earrings (one in each lobe) and a watch. Only necklaces with religious significance may be worn and these should be tucked inside the shirt/blouse. Facial piercings and spacers are not allowed. Inappropriate jewellery will be confiscated and will be available for collection at the end of the school day

Footwear – Black school type polishable or patent shoes only are allowed (no sports brands).

Hair/Make-up: Hair should be of a natural colour, tidy and well presented in style. Inappropriate or extreme hairstyles and colours are not allowed. If deemed unacceptable by the Headteacher, the student will be asked to rectify within 24 hours.

Nails – Clear nail varnish only. No false nails.

Make-up – Natural make-up only.

Bags – Bags should be appropriate for carrying school equipment.