School Trips 2018-2019

School trips are another way we help students to apply their learning to real life.

Geography Field Trip

On September 18th, Year 11 Geography students visited Nottingham as part of their urban geography fieldwork. Students were interested in how quality of life varied across the city.

In school, online research of the National Census Data meant that students created a hypothesis that quality of life improved with distance away from the city centre. However, students were able to find out if this was the case by collecting primary data. As such, students interviewed members of the public and conducted environmental quality surveys in The Meadows and West Bridgford.



Learning Trip to HSBC Birmingham

On 11th October our current Year 12 Finance students were very fortunate to get the opportunity to spend the day in the brand-new HSBC building in Birmingham. The event was hosted by the London Institute of Banking & Finance with the aim of exploring possible careers in the banking and finance sector.

The day began with an early train journey to Birmingham from Derby and then a brisk walk to the new offices of HSBC. Once there the students were amazed with the facilities especially the free breakfast that was provided. After several croissants we were then introduced to two leading directors who talked about their career in banking and how they got started.

Later in the day the students had the opportunity to do some networking with current HSBC employees at different stages of their careers. The students found this extremely useful as they were given advice on what they can do after finishing their Post 16 studies.

Overall, the students had a fantastic day out in Birmingham with many of them now considering the possibility of working in a bank or the financial sector.


Duke of Edinburgh 

On the 29th and 30th of September we took part in our practice expedition and on the 6th and 7th of October we completed our qualifying expedition. We are happy to say that…

Katie Caudwell – Tegan Culverhouse – Joshua Green Matthew Kirk – Charlie May-Reeve – Lewis Ruddle

have all passed their Bronze DofE expedition.

To pass our bronze expedition we had to engage in two lots of 3 months and one lot of 6 month of activity, physical and skill activities of our choice outside of school leading up to the expedition. We also had to complete our 2 day and 1-night expedition. During the practice expedition, we experienced different ups and down both mentally and physically! We started out with 8 team members and dropped down to 6. Unfortunately, two students had to drop out due to illness.

During the qualifying expedition, we had a smooth run. We learnt about cutting down unnecessary weight which made the walk easier. Six of us started the expedition and all six of us finished.

By Katie Caudwell, Tegan Culverhouse, Joshua Green, Matthew Kirk, Charlie May-Reeve and Lewis Ruddle

Art Textiles Visit

As part of the Year 10 Art Textiles course, students recently visited the manufacturing, marketing and printing factories at David Nieper to enrich their understanding of the business and the impact of textiles on an industrial level.

The variety of techniques, skills and machinery demonstrated and on display gave students a real insight into the amount of separate processes that go into making a single garment or catalogue.

The printing production was really interesting and the tour of the factory allowed the students to see first-hand a product from creation, through printing, folding, quality assurance, binding and packing, before being posted direct to customers in the UK and abroad.

The staff at David Nieper really showcased their roles and talked to students about their route into the industry. Whether it be straight from school, through an apprenticeship or through University.  The different jobs that facilitate the dynamic business allowed students to see the variety of skills and knowledge needed to ensure success at all levels.

We would like to thank all of the staff who organised and supported us on the day. We will be back!

Mrs Thorpe  – Head of Technology


Alfreton Indoor Market

A group of students from Years 7, 9 and 10 have taken part in weekly Enterprise co-curricular sessions, crafting and making items which they went on to sell at the Alfreton Indoor Market on Friday 21st December.

It was a wonderful visit which the students enjoyed; the experience provided them with a stimulating and challenging insight into the world of work and enterprise, together with giving them a real opportunity to apply Maths to everyday situations. The students were in 4 teams and each team sold a variety of products including home-made stress balls, bath bombs, Christmas decorations and decorative mugs.