Student Absences

It is essential that children are in the academy for the maximum number of days to ensure they receive a high-quality education which will enable them to succeed. Parents/carers are required, by law, to make sure that their children attend school regularly and punctually.

To report a child as absent from the academy in cases where they are too ill to attend, please phone 01773 832331 (202) or email by 9am to provide a reason for non-attendance. Each subsequent day of absence will be treated the same as the first day of absence. Therefore, it is vital that the academy is made aware of any non-attendance by 9am each day for safeguarding purposes.

Attendance and Punctuality Policy


All pupils should be in the academy from 8:35am.

A pupil who arrives after the register has closed will be marked as absent. Parents/carers must phone the academy on 01773 832331 as soon as possible to report a child as late attending. Pupils will then be expected to sign in at the reception and a reason for lateness will be required.

Lateness is monitored and Penalty Notices can be issued to parents for persistent lateness.

Derbyshire County Council Attendance Guidance

Medical or Dental Appointments

Unless advanced authorisation has been given for medical appointments, they will be classed as an unauthorised absence.

We encourage parents to make medical appointments outside of academy hours. Where this is not possible, pupils should be out of the academy for the minimum amount of time necessary.

Parents/carers should contact the academy at least 24 hours before any medical appointments in to request authorisation.

Term-Time Leave

Families must obtain permission from the Headteacher to take their child out of the academy during term time.  A leave of absence request form must be completed in these instances. Please be aware that permission is only granted for exceptional circumstances.

Admissions & Attendance Officer: Mrs E Hopewell, 01773 832331 (202),

Leave of Absence Request Form – School Absences