Co- & Extra-Curricular Activities

Activities offered at David Nieper Academy

Engagement with non-academic pursuits is not only beneficial to student development, but is known to be highly valued by employers. At David Nieper Academy we believe in encouraging our students to discover and develop their own individual talents and passions.

We offer an exceptional programme of co-curricular activities with a wide and diverse selection of clubs available. 

For further details on co-curricular activities, or for any other co-curricular concerns, you should contact the Form Tutor in the first instance, or Mrs Speed, Co-ordinator of Co-curricular Activities.

In addition to co-curricular activities, we also provide a range of extended opportunities for enrichment through our extra-curricular programme. As well as a range of sport and fitness clubs, students have access to a wide range of activities from science clubs, to library and book clubs, music, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Homework Club, House Competitions, and many more! If there is something not listed that students would like to see happening, please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen!

Finally, we are proud of our growing range of extra-curricular trips that we offer. Our Academy newsletter traces the vast array of locations that we have visited. These include a number of residential trips such as Wales, Italy and Norway.