Home Learning Protocol

Home Learning Protocol – David Nieper Academy

The best place for students to learn is in the classrooms being taught face to face by their teacher but we recognise there may be times when this isn’t possible for a small number of pupils. When pupils are absent because of Covid we will ensure the following are in place for the duration of a pupil’s absence from the academy:

  • If a pupil needs to borrow a laptop computer to use whilst they are off, we can loan out a school laptop if a student doesn’t have access to a suitable device at home. These can be collected from the front office between 7:45am and 6pm.
  • Someone from the academy will telephone every other day to ensure the pupil is able to complete work at home and check in.
  • Pupils will receive daily emails to school email accounts containing links to 6 lessons from Oak National which they should watch and complete. These lessons will cover the same content as pupils in school so pupils learning from home for short periods should be able to follow the same curriculum content as pupils in school.
  • Pupils should complete homework whilst they are off which will be set via Show My Homework.


Home Learning Protocol – Parents

Where possible, parents and carers should encourage and support their child’s work – including finding a suitable place to work, checking at the end of the day that the work has been done, and ensuring the normal school timetable is followed.