Revision Guidance

Top Tips


  • Allow yourself plenty of time to complete your revision
  • Make sure you know which subjects you need to revise, and how long you have to revise them
  • Collect all of your past notes and figure out which areas you might need to spend more time on
  • Create a timetable with slots for revision and breaks to make the most out of your time

Be Creative

  • Make revision active: you can watch videos, use flash cards, make spider diagrams, or ask someone to quiz you
  • Switch up the subjects you are revising to prevent boredom
  • Complete past papers to test yourself and see which areas need more work

Reward Yourself 

  • Use rewards as an incentive; this can be having a snack, using your mobile phone, playing a game etc.
  • Give yourself plenty of breaks in between revising
  • Make sure you carve out time in your plan to relax and rest your brain – giving your mind a break when it needs one will help you to focus when you return to your revision

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