Student Council

Student Council Mission Statement:

The David Nieper Academy Student Council holds the belief that successful education requires active participation from staff, students and governors of the academy, alongside parents and carers in the home and members of the local community.

We believe that effective relationships are promoted through consultation, collaboration and open communication.

Purpose of the Student Council: 

The purpose of the Student Council is to encourage pupils to get involved in issues that concern them in and around the academy.

As a council we focus on listening to the views of pupils and we take responsibility for some aspects of academy life.


Having a David Nieper Academy Student Council helps us to improve aspects of our Academy community by exercising our rights and accepting our responsibilities. Our discussions and decisions will help to inform improvements to the school environment and our learning.


Student Council members are elected at the start of each academic year, by their form peers in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11.

On a half-termly basis, the Student Council will usually meet to discuss business as four focus groups covering the following areas:

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Student Support
  • The Community & Co-curricular
  • Curriculum