Student Leaders

Attributes and Responsibilities

Our newly appointed student leaders underwent applications and interviews in order to be appointed their roles for this academic year. At David Nieper Academy, student leaders are expected to be positive role models both in and outside of the academy, setting examples of excellent behaviour, good subject progress, smart appearance, and they endeavour to achieve a high attendance. Student leaders at the academy are responsible student members, acting respectfully towards others and being supportive and approachable. All student leaders are to lead as examples to all students within the academy, whilst being fully committed to their academic studies and extra-curricular activities.

The new student leaders have shown many positive attributes and will have responsibilities within the academy which will allow them to demonstrate and improve upon their skills. We look forward to working with them and seeing how they excel in their student leader positions.


Our Student Leaders for 2022/2023 are as follows:


Head Boy/Girl


Head Boy

William Saxton

Head Girl

Rachel Nash

Deputy Head Boy

Andrei Pana


Deputy Head Boy

Konrad Frydel

Deputy Head Girl

Aimee Farrow

Deputy Head Girl

Leonie Tissie



Student Leaders


Adesope AdegokeOphix Lofley 
Alfie CooperHannah Minshull 
Ella-Louise HareEdie Preston 
Millie HemsleyCorey Walker 
Lyndan KeelingOliver Wakefield 
Harneet Kaur