Exam board: Edexcel

Studying geography will enable you to explore the contemporary global issues that define our generation, such as the consequences of globalisation, how society responds to hazards, or the threat of global climate change. You will become critical, reflective, and independent learners where you will develop a breadth of qualitative and numerical skills.

The examined units we study are: tectonic processes and hazards; glaciated landscapes; the water cycle and water insecurity; the carbon cycle and energy security; globalisation; diverse places; superpowers; global development and connections; migration, identity and sovereignty.

In addition, there is an internally assessed piece of coursework comprising of an independent fieldwork investigation relating to any aspect of geography contained within the specification.

Geography graduates are amongst the most employable. The discipline can lead to a wide range of careers related directly to the subject, or that draw upon the desirable skills that you will have developed throughout your study. This includes working in policy and government, the physical and built environments, geographical information systems, business, development and society, or travel, tourism and leisure.