This course will give you an insight into the sports industry through subjects relating to sport, health, exercise and fitness. You’ll participate in a range of practical sports/coaching activities during your time on the course. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage with local schools (via Amber Valley School Sports Partnership) to plan and deliver coaching sessions, building your communication and organisational skills, and helping to build your confidence.

Length of course:
This course lasts for 2 years.

How will I be assessed?
Assessment methods include written documents, practical assessments, presentations, logbooks, use of video evidence, open-book tests, and leaflets/brochures.

What does the course lead to?
Successful completion of the course can lead to a variety of higher education courses in sport or sport related disciplines. Career pathways include: Sports Nutrition, Sports Coaching, Personal Training, Leisure Management, Leisure and Events Management, Sports Therapy, Teaching or Fitness Instructing.

What will I study?

You will study:
Unit 1 Anatomy & Physiology
Unit 2 Fitness Training & Well Being
Unit 3 Professional Development in Sports Industry
Unit 4 Sports Industry
Unit 5 Application of Fitness Testing
Unit 7 Practical sports Performance
Unit 8 Coaching for Performance
Unit 9 Research Methods in Sport
Unit 18 Work experience in Active Leisure
Unit 19 Development and Provision of Sport and Physical activity
Unit 22 Investigating Business in Sport and Active Leisure Industry
Unit 23 Skill Acquisition in Sport
Unit 6 Sports Psychology
Unit 24 Sports Performance Analysis