The DNA 5

To ensure that all pupils learn effectively, we have introduced a framework for teaching called the DNA 5. This means that all teachers, regardless of subject specialism, are teaching using evidence-based pedagogical approaches; including, retrieval practical and cognitive load theory.

Creating the conditions for learning

  • We have consistently high expectations
  • We develop motivated and resilient learners
  • We build positive relationships
  • We keep to our routines
  • We celebrate outstanding attitude to learning

Checking learning

  • We ask lots of important questions
  • We check what all students know
  • We provide feedback on how to improve

Learning for the long-term

  • We make sure lessons are challenging
  • We demonstrate what great work looks like
  • We revisit past learning every day
  • We set homework and revision that supports what we do in class

Supporting how we learn

  • We teach new material in manageable chunks
  • We explain things clearly and concisely
  • We design high quality learning materials
  • We provide help or extra challenge wherever it is needed

Learning like an expert

  • We sequence our curriculum logically
  • We make connections between what we have learned
  • We provide opportunities for holistic, critical and creative thinking